June 13, 2012

Storage Baskets in Warm Brown

Today I sent out these two baskets in warm brown to my customer in Michigan. They were custom ordered in the beautiful color, I am so in love with this brown. The baskets are both 13" in diameter.

I offer a basket in this same size in hot pink, and two smaller sizes in lime green found here and here.

June 11, 2012

New 15.5" Placemats in Bright Navy

New custom order has just been finished. I have been working hard on these gorgeous placemats. I used the same pattern that I use for the placemats in my boutique in white and in avocado green, but these were made bigger. They measure 15.5" / 40cm in diameter.

The placemats are 100% cotton and the color is this beautiful bright navy that I just adore. The set of 6 of these placemats will be shortly traveling to my customer in California, and I really hope she will love these as well :)