June 14, 2013

Vacation Production Part 1: Huge Hot Pink Doily Rug

I'm currently on a little working vacation in the extreme heat of Florida. And of course I am working as hard as ever to complete some of my custom rugs, there's no vacation from crafting. In between caring for the baby and taking dips in the swimming pool to cool off I have managed to finish and sent out a beautiful hot pink Alicia rug to a customer in Australia. I love how everyone of my custom rugs looks unique since I adjust the pattern to the size of the project. This rug came out really pretty and I hope it will be loved in a little girl's room :)

Here are some photos of the 150cm / 60" rug. Please bare in mind that I took this photos with my phone, I didn't want to carry all the camera stuff with me in the plane.

Now I'm continuing with a custom Sara rug in robin egg. It will be 50" / 127cm when finished. It is already looking stunning. More on that rug later.