February 4, 2013

Crochet Storage and Stuffed Toys

Between diaper changes and nap times I always find time to do my favorite thing: crochet. Last week it was time to work on this green lace edge basket for a customer of mine. It is the biggest basket I have made so far and I think it turned out great. I need to make a set of these for my son's nursery, it's so perfect for his stuffed toys. This one is now on it's way to California.

The basket's size is 16" diameter and 8" height and made from 100% cotton yarn. I made the bottom with 3 strands of yarn to make it sturdier, the walls are crocheted with double strand.

Find the original size basket here.

This week I'm working on some more baskets. I wonder when I'll have time to make some for my son :)