September 19, 2012

Pink Baskets and Teddybears

My basket creating continues. This time I made three lace edge baskets for a customer of mine in Ohio. She custom ordered two country pink baskets and one off white basket. I made them in 9" width and 5.5" height to fit her daughter's nursery.

As you can probably see in the photos, I took the photos in my baby boy's nursery (due in November). I will need to make some blue baskets for myself now that I saw how well they fit to cubbies in his closet. You can fill the baskets with all sorts of cuteness, little socks, mittens, caps etc. And why not use these baskets on the changing table (I don't have one yet, have to get busy...)

This basket can be found in a smaller size in my shop Henna's Boutique. To custom order a bigger size or different color, contact me thought my shop.

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