April 22, 2013

My Lace Edge Basket in Simply Crochet Magazine!!!

This is absolutely major for me, the best thing ever! My lace edge basket was featured in the issue 3 of Simply Crochet magazine. I was thrilled when they contacted me about it and when I got my hand on the issue I ripped the plastic covering open and quickly scanned the magazine for my item! And there it was on page 13 under their Hooked section. They had chosen 5 Etsy finds and my basket was one of them. So exciting! It has been great to have been noticed in such a major way.

Here's the page I scanned. Isn't it awesome?!

Here's some photos of the basket also.


  1. WOW.....congratulations; these are gorgeous.

  2. Congratulations!!!!!! That's major!!

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