September 4, 2013

Henna's Boutique at The Shoppes at Homespun in Knoxville, TN

On September 1st I got my own booth at a crafts and antique mall called The Shoppes at Homespun in Knoxville Tennessee. I'm so very excited to get there to set up the booth the way I had planned and my plans will have to wait. I head to my booth at the mall and find that the previous booth owner hadn't cleared out her wall shelving unit. Luckily I had my friend helping me and we got the wall unscrewed and down and could start covering the ugly light blue pegboard walls with yards and yards of burlap. Our weapons of choice were a staple gun, a hammer and a glue gun. All didn't go smoothly, apparently staples do not want to go into the hard pegboard but we got the walls done with some aggression powered hammering. I covered the less than pretty staples with a burlap ribbon and some upholstering tacks.

Next we fixed the white curtain rod to the back wall of the booth and hung my white curtains to create an illusion of an actual room. I brought in a stand for my rug that I had made previously but for this purpose and hung some wooden crates to the wall. I had chosen to cover the walls with burlap so that I could still have the use of the pegboard holes to hang hooks to without it being obvious.

I brought in some bookshelves from home and started placing my items out. I still need to distribute the lights that I have at the back of the booth so that all the crates in the wall are illuminated. I'll have to tackle that next weekend.

Below are a couple of photos from the booth as it is now.

I made this sign for my booth from a picture frame. I iron transferred the logo to an off white cotton fabric and attached it to the burlap board with a couple of stitches. A little of burlap ribbon and some tacks and a felt flower finished the piece.

At home I had tried different layouts for the booth and I used the opportunity to take some photos of the items at the same time.

I made quite a few different sizes and colors of baskets and a couple sets of placemats.

I crocheted these lovely candle holders from leftover yarns. Inside is a recycled glass jar. A tea lights fits into the jar perfectly and the glass keeps the crochet cover from heating up. They looks really lovely with the light coming through the holes. 

Here's a stack of some of the coasters now at my booth. 

I also crocheted some flowers and attached a pin to the back. These are great when attached to a basket or to a jacket. 

I offer two new designs of placemats, Camille (off white) and Ivy (white). I will make these designs available in my etsy shop soon also.

This colorful crate is full of hanging plush hearts. 

Below are photos of some of the doily rugs available at my booth.

This is 33" Alicia rug in plum.

25" Camille rug in off white

34" Ivy rug in country pink

35" Sara rug in pale yellow

Now I have to get back to making some more stock for my booth and etsy shop. :)


  1. Hi Henna,

    I love your beautiful crocheted items! I am a fellow crochet enthusiast. :) Just favorited some of your items on Etsy. Blessings from Alaska, Jackie

  2. Gorgeous job, Henna! I have a couple of questions for you. Do you use cotton to make the baskets and rugs? I haven't made anything that needed starch, just yet. I remember my grandma used to make a sugar/water mixture to make the baskets sturdy. Do you use the stuff they sell at craft stores? Thanks for your help on this! I'm still a crochet newbie and I'm venturing into making these.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I do you 100% cotton to make my baskets and rugs. I haven't used any starch or anything similar to my baskets, but I remember my grandmother using the mixture your grandma used. I get most of my materials online and some as far away as Finland :)

      I hope you will find crocheting as rewarding as I do. Good luck with your crafting journeys!