November 24, 2013

Pink Square Doily Rug

A couple years back I brought some really nice recycled cotton material back home from Finland. I have made some rugs from it before, see this off white rectangular one. And I've also make a light blue one for my son's nursery. I'll have to post some photos of it soon too.

This rug is a simple square pattern. I made it about 36 inches wide. This pattern could be used for any sized rug. I've made this rug available for sale at my booth at The Shoppes at Homespun here in Knoxville Tennessee.

Here's a view from my booth. I've added my baby hats on the wall as well as some nursery garlands. 

1 comment:

  1. I like all the work that you show me here! crochet hats, rugs, garlands ...
    everything is so beautiful! and the new carpet is so sweet and nice ...!
    I admire their ability to work and you are a great artist!
    Congratulations! and kisses from Catalonia!